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Tips for Surviving Father's Day during Divorce

It comes as no surprise that divorce changes things drastically. Holidays you all once shared together become separate occasions, sometimes with one parent not seeing the children at all. Alternating years, splitting time spent with the children--it can all get very confusing when it comes to divorced couples navigating the tough issue of holidays. This Father’s Day, countless dads across the country are concerned about how to handle the day with their ex-spouse, and it can bring about many painful conversations, and even heated arguments. However, with a few key ideas in mind, you can survive this rather difficult time with a little more ease and comfort.

Here are a few elements to consider while enduring your first Father’s Day during divorce:

  • Plan in advance – Coming to an agreement with your ex may be difficult, but you both may hopefully be able to agree the children should spend Mother’s Day with their mom, and Father’s day with their dad, even if it means changing the schedule especially for that week.
  • Make the day child-focused – Showing your ex the day will be geared towards making your child happy, forging bonds, and creating memories will ensure smooth sailing for all involved.
  • Call or Skype – Today’s technology has changed divorce for the better, because even when parents are away from their kids, they still have the opportunity to keep in contact with their children throughout the day.
  • Prepare mentally – No matter how hard you try, sometimes you may just end up alone on Father’s Day. Whether it is the first time or the hundredth, it never gets easier. Planning the day for yourself with activities to take your mind off of things is best, as well as making sure you aren’t alone the day of.
  • Celebrate – Whether you have a close relationship with your father or other men who have served as father figures in your life, remember this is a holiday for all fathers across the world. Showing appreciation for the people in your life is a good way to take your mind off the hardships you are currently facing.

Regardless if you are spending the entire day with your children, only a couple of hours, or none at all, Father’s Day during or after a divorce will be a difficult one. There’s no getting around the emotional toll divorce takes on a person, but there are a lot of ways to avoid succumbing to the pain all by yourself. Remember, your children will love you and appreciate you, even if they don’t see you the day of and see you the week after. Keeping communication lines open with your ex-spouse and accommodating as much as possible are vital parts of making this holiday as seamless as possible. As time goes on, rest assured schedules will be established and there will be a sense of normalcy once more.

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