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Keri A. Markiewicz Recognized As 2019 Top 10 Family Law Attorney in Virginia by Best of the Best

Only .05% of attorneys are invited to Best of the Best and presented with a Top 10 award for their state and area of practice. Our firm is pleased to announce that Attorney Keri A. Markiewicz has been nominated and accepted as 2019 Best of the Best Top 10 in Virginia for family law!

Best of the Best Attorneys is a legal rating service that aims to match “the absolute Best Attorneys” with new clients. By providing a database of outstanding lawyers, the organization helps clients make the right decisions and have their expectations of the legal industry exceeded.

To be eligible for Best of the Best, attorneys must have:

  • Positive reviews from peers and clients
  • Advanced degrees
  • Awards from other organizations
  • Membership in professional associations
  • Publications and speaking engagements within the industry
  • Good standing in their State Bar

Additionally, attorneys may not have faced or been subject to any Attorney Grievance Committee discipline.

Best of the Best receives countless nominations from peers and clients and identifies attorneys with its private research team. The organization then evaluates attorneys independently and uses a careful selection process to choose the right professionals for its awards and database.

The Top 10 Best of the Best Attorney Award is designated for lawyers who exhibit excellence in their practice and maintain exceptional relationships with their clients. Attorney Markiewicz demonstrated dedication, hard work, and excellence in the field of family law, providing a high standard of service and support to our clients and exceeding their expectations of working with a lawyer.

Our firm is proud of Attorney Markiewicz and Best of the Best is honored to have her as a member.

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